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Fragrance Evaluator & Marketing Specialist

Italian Perfumery Institute: learning about perfume and olfactory culture.

Courses designed to develop, at different levels, the fundamental knowledge of the world of perfume. Training itineraries that, drawing on the Italian perfumery tradition, offer new employment opportunities.

A School of Higher Education to give Italy a qualified course of study that can enhance the sensoriality and history of perfume and look to the future of the new generations.

From the experience of Equipe International and from the success of Esxence - The Art Perfumery Event, the first international reference event for artistic perfumery, the Italian Perfumery Institute was born with the aim of enhancing Italian excellence with specialized professional paths.

Why Perfumery?

In recent years there has been a great resurgence in theimportance of the sense of smell, letting people have rediscovered its fundamental role in well-being and the expression of their identity.

Every year more than 400 new perfumes are placed on the international market, which is worth about 43.9 billion euros. Italy is the world's fifth largest market for perfumery products (after the US, France, Germany and the UK).

Perfumery is a constantly growing industry, and in recent years it has been able to reinvent itself by enhancing digital channels and creating new forms of storytelling to connect with people.

There is a growing interest in the world of fragrances and particularly in the one of niche perfumery, also defined as "artistic perfumery."

The regard of perfume as an art form and the love of artisan creations are of interest to an ever-growing audience.

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Fragrance Evaluator & Marketing Specialist